Advisory Board
Mr. G P Gupta
former Chairman, IDBI & UTI
Dr. Haseeb Drabu
former Chairman, Jammu & Kashmir Bank
Mr. Jaydeep Shah
President, ICAI, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee

India’s growth trajectory shall include increased imports, exports, international investments to and from the country. The increased volatility and velocity of change that the foreign exchange markets have seen especially with respect to the Indian Rupee has brought the area of foreign exchange risk management to the fore.

The IFOREX LEADERS SUMMIT is an initiative to bring the leaders in the field of foreign exchange and treasury management from corporates, banks, academia and others to discuss, debate and explore strategies and best practices on various topics within the area of foreign exchange management.


The IFOREX LEADERS Summit shall be the foremost platform for evangelizing and promoting the best practices in foreign exchange trading, operations, strategy and risk management and the role of these professionals in India.


Catalyze the creation and effective dissemination of knowledge across corporates, institutions, practitioners, regulators and the government through effective interaction, debate and research.